Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heads up from Zac Marben

Just chatted with Zac Marben over the inter-connection-web and he sent a picture over of his last snowboard for the his trip with the Mack Dawgers. Bummer...


J said...

...So you have his email address, right? Coz I kinda need to ask him a few questions... Or if you could tell me somewhere where I can find out stuff about him, that'd be great.

Problem is... art class.
We have to do a presentation on a famous artist, so I pick the guy whose name is on the inside of my hoodie.
And since I'm a slacker I find out a few days before the project is due that he's a snowboarder. So I can't find any of the stuff I need to know.

So uh... yah.
If it's okay, that'd be great.

J said...

I forgot, email me;