Monday, June 16, 2008

better late than never

So i'm pretty behind on this post but it's because we've been working hard. sort of. We got a studio space to edit the video and things have been coming along so i didn't have a chance to post these photos right away and now it all looks a little different but these should give you a general idea.

we've got our name on the directory. legit.

this is our door.

this is where i spend all of my time.

this is where anthony makes art.

Langer had just gotten into town when i took this. he has a desk now.

Red Bull helping out.

you can see by this picture that beer and redbull are having a race. they are tied in the picture but i think right now beer is winning.

We have Al Frankens couches. i'm not even kidding. we picked them up from his campaign office.

We don't have a garbage can.

This is the view from our window. we're waiting to see an accident.

i know some of you are wondering, so i'll give you one last clue to see if you can find out where the office is. It's a pretty big clue. if you figure it out, come by and say hello. please bring candy.

stay tuned for more studio and editing updates.


tunneli tuuner said...

sick riding and editing for sure! check it out our teaser finn young bucks doin it!!!

Anonymous said...

im not gonna say completely where but is it in st paul?

Anonymous said...

post something new, i know you read these commets....