Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bad Ideas Tee-Shirts Luke Warm Off The Press!!!

These were done about a week ago but I finally got my ass to Denver and picked them up.  Enjoy!

A big props go to the peeps at DVLP Clothing for making these bad boys for us.  They turned out super sweet!!!  Thanks DVLP




These hot little numbers will be for sale soon.  Coming at ya in small through x-large American Apparel Tee's.  So they won't shrink all lame like.  They will be sold at our Minneapolis and Colorado premiers.  Speaking CO premiers Here is a list of tentative dates:

Denver - Oct 21th @ The Ogden Theater with The Burton World Tour
Breckenridge - Nov 7th(Opening Weekend) @ Cecila's Bar
Durango - Novemberish (finalizing exact date) @ The Abby Theater
Boulder - TBA

We are getting a Breck crew ready for the MPLS premier.  So we will see you there.  WATCH OUT!!!    

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Anonymous said...

hey boiz!!!! a my gawsh i luv the threadz. Sooooo sexy. luv ya lots. i wanna just take em and lik um all up!!!!!!!!!!