Sunday, May 11, 2008

Damage revisited superpost

Every year for the last 3 years, Damage Boardshop in Duluth, MN throws a post season event that is unrivaled as far as most people is concerned. they have a full setup on a patch of snow the size of a football field almost 2 full months after the season is over here in Minnesota. I have been at every event they have thrown and they just keep getting better. people from all over make the trip up to duluth and it always provides to be an amazing weekend both on and off the hill. I made the trip up with Jake Olson-Elm and Austin Young. We spent all day friday skating all the super fun parks in and around duluth, hanging with friends, and doing a little illegal camping and partying.

Mini ramps were skated. Games of skate were won and lost. Beers were drank. snowboards were ridden. tents were broken. bonfires were built. Victor had a birthday party, and a few people even got laid. All in all it was one hell of a weekend. If you didn't make it up there i strongly suggest you make it next year.

Here are some photos i managed to take.

Jake loading up for the long weekend.

Austin Young. Fresh outta the joint.

Plenty of people showed up.

even more people.

It was our good friend Victor's birthday the night before the event. Here he is with Jake.

Pete was there. (and he got photos of me wearing a rediculous sweatshirt.)

Matt Faust is cooler than you.

They built this incredibly poppy gap jump that became the center of attention for most of the day. i waited until it had been backflipped 7 times before i started taking photos.

Jordan Michilot backside 180

Jordan Michilot method 180

Jordan W nosegrabber

Tarah Michilot giving her brother a run for his money.

Austin young tindy

Jake was going twice as high as anyone.

Jake california dreamin.

Victor Simco is one of the coolest guys you'll meet. just look at his face in this photo. he's always pumped.

Robbie Walsh showed up and first run of the day without checking out the jump (didn't even know it was a gap) backflipped it. perfect.

Tom Bush. proper tailgrab. proper method. killer style.

Austin Young got a jailbird makeover.

Frauly got blunted.

Tom Bush nosepick.

Grover knows how to party.

A big thanks goes out to Damage Boardshop, Victor Simco, Morgan Pease, Matt Faust, Danny Nirene, and all the other friends who came out to partake in the weekend madness. Until next year.

Now go skate.

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tmoney said...

Riley you looked good in my rediculas sweatshirt, like a fat man stuffed into tight jeans.