Thursday, May 8, 2008

Forecast Shoot @ Winter Park CO

A week or so ago the Forecast guys put on an end of the year shoot at Winter Park.  The weather was so-so the first few days but then got nice for the end.  Riders Austin Julike-Heine, Ethan Deiss and Pat Campanaro even snaked in on the session.  Here is a few pics from the shoot.  A big thanks to Pat Milbery, Forecast Snowboards and Winter Park. ENJOY!

Safety First!!!

Ethan Deiss strapped in n' ready

Pat Campanaro double tail

Pat Milbery bs 1

Austin Julike-Heine tweaked out

Bryce laying it out!

Pat and his snow ledge

Ethan peepin' the view

Pat M and Austin night time

Pat gettin' loose

Ethan jammin' out

Austin is feeling good

And end it all with a quick safety meeting

All in all it was a good weekend!  Once again big thanks to Winter Park, their AWESOME Park Crew and our good friends at Forecast Snowboards!    

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