Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Chain Link Fence!!!!!
I guess that makes us kinda hood since we did our fair share of bangin' on chains this season.  Here is a few pics of the chain linkin'. 

So..... we set up a spine with 2 sections of chain-link fence and it didn't work out as easy as they thought it would be.  But Dummer, Wyatt, Austin and Maddy made it happen.
Austin getting the shot on everything he can.  Fence close-out at Breck's abandon house.  You will see a lot of this place in Bad Ideas and other vids as well next year.

Doing the best with mid-May conditions.  The crew consisted of Austin, John Pape and Pat Camp on a sketchy fence jump to dirt gap to landing with big rocks poking out.  Bad Ideas is right.

All I can say is Austin is mad hood with all his chain link shots.  I heard he kicks it with DMX in his spare time.  Keepin' it gangsta, Julike!

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