Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ahhhhh the awesome Breck tradition that comes every April 1st.  Here is some pics from the party during the day at the Big Hit. A big thanks to Chris Johnson at the Big Hit For letting us get waaayyy too drunk at his shop. It got real crazy that day! Enjoy

James, Jake OE and Austin wasted

James and Austin gettin' loose

Danimal, Jen, Weedman and Jamie

Jake moments away from streaking Main St

Dummer shredin' it

James Frederick, need I say more

Pat Mutha Fuckin' Lynch tellin' James what's really hood.

Pat is sooooooo stoked!  

James gettin' choked out by Downing

Jake taking on The Man Beast 

Another Gayper Day in the books.  It was a good one, from what I can remember. Jake got naked in public, we drank a shit ton of booze,  Passes were taken and someone, who will remain nameless for his sake, even drank his own pee. But we know who you are. People never forget. What a day! 

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GUNSON said...

people dont forget! ha ha