Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jake Olson-Elm Edit.

So one day this winter, the weather was really crappy, the snow was really crappy, and none of the rails we went to were worth setting up. We heard from our friend Nate Harrington that a rather famous Minnesota rail which was capped a few years back, was now uncapped. We went to check it out. It wasn't much better than the other rails we went to but it had snow so we decided to cut our losses, set it up and just have a fun day of riding. I let the riders do almost all the filming and Jake and Austin did a bunch of sketchy followcams. Since that day Jake has been bugging me to make an edit of this footage, so i finally just gave it all to him and let him make an edit.

So here it is. A Jake OE edit of one day at the golf course.

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